1.05. Add a 'nearby'

Step 1: 

Log in to your account

Step 2 : 

In the menu on the left, go to "CONTENTS" and select "NEAR BY".


If it is the first time you create a news, you will arrive on this screen, and you just need to click on the Add + button, under 'Nearby'


If you have already created a content "close by", you will be redirected to a page with the list of those ones already set up. The list would be on the left of your screen, and their description would be on the right side.

To add an other content "close by", simply click on the Add button at the top left of your screen.

Step 3 :

By creating your content "close by", you are going to fill in different sections: Description and location.

Each field marked with a red asterisk (as language) is a required field that you must fulfill in order to access the following steps.

As a first step, you are going to make the description of your content "close by":

1 - Choose the language in which you will write your content. In this example we will choose the English language.

2 - Then choose the order. In case you have more than one content, this order will allow you to define their order of appearance.

3 - Select the type of your content. It will be a casino, bowling alley... In this case, we chose a bar. This field has an input help, meaning that by entering one or two letters, you will have suggestions (according to what you wrote in your previous 'nearby' contents).

4 - The field below "Other type" will allow you to register types of cooking that are not mentioned in the previous field.

5 - Next, write the name of the location. Here, we wrote " The Mistral Bar".

6 - The description field allows you to describe in detail the location. This field is associated by a text editor to lay out your description: you can change the font size, the color, add a bold or italic text  ... This description can contain up to 5000 characters. The more detailed your description, the better your SEO is. Use relevant keywords. 

7 - In this field, you can specify the distance that separates you from this place.

8 - In this field, you can enter the contact details about the business.

9 - In this field, you can enter the prices of that business

10 - Finally, give more information about the location by downloading a document or brochure (this document must be in PDF format and do not exceed 4MB). To add this document or brochure on your website, click on Browse. You will get access to your computer's data. Then simply choose the file you want to make appear. For that, click on Browse again.

A window is going to appear. Click on “Choose file” to get access to your computer.

Then, choose your file. In this example, we will choose "presentation Brochure". Click on Open.

Your document is now on your website!

In a second step, you are going to specify the location of your place "close by".


11 - LOCALISATION : Fill in the following fields.

CAUTION, in this content, the address is mandatory to make sure your content appears on the global map.


You can specify the access road of your place and also give more informations in the location field.

You need to type the address in the google map SEARCH Field in order to find the place.The Gps coordinates will then be written automatically detected.

b) GPS Location 

The GPS coordinates are normally written automatically, if Google maps finds your address. You can of course change it if it is not correct.

Step 4:

Once the fields have been filled in, click on "Next" at the top right of your screen.


You will then reach the second step of the business content: add a media. You can find the tutorial at the 'ADD A MEDIA' section.

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