1.03. Add a restaurant (Hôtel & Camping)

If you are a hotel or a campground in which is embedded a restaurant / bar / snack , you have the opportunity to present it on your site in order to develop and attract more customers.

Your restaurant / bar / snack is an added advantage to your business, so you should be as specific as possible in describing it, and then adding pictures.

Step 1 : Login

Login to your account and go to your contents, and then select Restaurants.



Step 2 : Create a new content

if it is the first time you create a content 'restaurant', you will arrive on the general page where you can choose the type of contents you want to add : Click on ADD+ just under Restaurants. and then go to Step 3.

if you already have created a content restaurant, you will arrive on the page with the list of contents. Just click ADD+ at top of the listing to create a new one.


Step 3 : Add Datas

First, fill in the required fields, indicating the language of that content, type, subtype, give it a name and then fill the description of your restaurant. If you have several restaurants / bar / snack, you can organize them thanks to the field "order".



You can then enter specific information about this restaurant such as type of cuisine practiced , examples of dishes, the approximate price of the card and the additional services it offers.

You can then indicate the quality of your service, your references and add a document or brochure to be downloaded by visitors.



Finally, you can add the opening and closing hours for the 3 daily meals : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner. You can fill them using the calendar tool or manually.


Step 4 : Add pictures

In this step you can add some media to your accommodation. You can choose to add a picture or a video.


Simply click on "Add Image" or "Add Video" button and follow the steps. For more details, you can also see the tutorial "Add a media".

Once your media are added, click on "Next" to get to the step "Actions".


Step 5 : Add an action to my accommodation

This step allows you to add an action button to your accommodation. You can add a contact form (1) as in the example below, a link to your own booking system (2) or choose not to add anything (3).

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