1.02. Add a treatment/service (Beauty & SPA)

Step 1 : LOG IN

Log in to your account and once you arrive on your home page, Go to the left of your screen to get the sliding menu. Click on "CONTENTS", and then select "SERVICES" in the list.



Step 2 : Add datas

You arrive then on the page where you can create a new service.

If you already created services/treatments before, you will see the page with the list of all the services on the left, and the details of the one you are looking at on the right. 

And if you want to add a new one you just need to click on the "ADD" button on the top left, just above your list of services.

If not, ant it is your first service to be created, you will arrive on this page : 

JUST CLICK on the 'ADD +' under 'SERVICES';

When you create a new service, you need to fill in two sections : "description" and "prices".

Every field with a red star is a mandatory field, that you need to fill to go to the next step.

1- Choose the language you want the content to appear in. In this case, we choose French. Be aware the the language is the only field you can not change once you saved the content.

2 - Then, choose the order. It is the order of appearance of a content inside its category, that you choose just after.

3 - Define the category of your service. Here, we decide to put the "treatments" category for our room.

3 bis - You can also add another sub-category to organize your services with different levels. For instance, you can have category 'treatments' and sub-category 'facials'. 

4 - The last one is the name of your treatments/services.

5- Description box, you can add a description, and it is the only box with a text editor, meaning that you can format your text, by changing the font-size, colors, or write in bold or italic, like in word.


Step 3 : Add Prices (with or without a chart) 

You can write prices in the price field but you could also add a chart to organize the rates in case of multiple fares.

==> Go to tutorial 1.11 Add a chart with multiple rates. 

Click Next on the top-right of your page to go to the next page and add images to your content.

Step 4 : Medias

You are now done with datas entry, and you can click on "Next" on the top right of the window to add Medias 'images' and 'videos'.


Once you arrive in the Medias section, you can follow the tutorial

==>1.08. Add a media

 Step 5 : Action online button

After adding images and videos to your content, you can also make sure people can contact you easily or get relevant information quickly. In order to do so, you just need to put a button with different options on the page of your content.

==> 1.09. Add an action button to your content;

NOW YOu just need to Publish your Content ==> GO to 4.1. Publish & Share contents

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