3.2. Change your "Carrousel"

Step 1 :
Login to your account and go to 'Application' in the sliding menu on the left of your screen.. Make sure to click on the 'edit' button just under your website (it is on the right column) to make changes to your website.

'INSERT a sliding menu Screenshot Here'
Then make sure you are in "edit mode" and not in "demo" with the small button on the top-right of your screen.

Step 2 :
Drag your mouse on the central photo of your home page, until the red tab with the word 'Carrousel' appears. Then click on "Carrousel" to customize your carousel.

It is now possible for you to add your carousel of images.


Step 3 :
You just need to click on "ADD" to create a new media box (similar to the one you create when you add a media in a content).

Then, click on 'Browse' to look for a picture/photo on your computer, and to upload it. Be aware of the minimum and maximum requirements for your pictures size (See the text in gray and italic just under 'browse').

Step 4 :

After choosing the picture you want, you can modify and improve it thanks to our editing software. For instance, you can change the light, add special effects... a lot of functionalities are available. 

Each time you change something on your picture, just click 'validation' and then click "Save" once you have completed all your changes. Your carousel of images is now changed !


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