3.8. Customize the colors and the style of my website

Fully customize the color of your website is possible with customizable CSS functionality. However, this feature requires a minimum of knowledge in CSS, since it will impact the entire layout of your website. You can also request this service from your local office. Ask your sales representative.

Step 1 :

you need to click first on 'Application' on the sliding menu on the left of your screen.

Then, go to the "modify/change" button just under the name of your website on the right column.

Step 2 :

Once on the customization layout page of your site, you can change the color by selecting one of the color button.

If you want a color that is not available, you can click on the button 'CSS'....

You will access the code and CSS, that will allow you to change the colors of the website. We recall that changing the CSS requires technical knowledge in coding and we disclaim any responsibility in the final rendering.

You can obviously add codes lines in your CSS to even more personalize your website.
If you would like us to support you in customizing your website, don't hesitate to contact your local representative.



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