2.5. Built an Android application

Step 1 :

Login to your account.

Step 2 :

On the interface, click on "Application" and "START" just under ANDROID APP button.

Step 3


You are in the first step which is "THEME" where you will be able to choose the template of your choice for your Android application. 

About the Android application, only one template is available. You can see an example of the application, by clicking on the phone, and you will see an example of the template (1).

Click then on "Next" to go to the next step (2).



The customization step enables you to lay out your application. 


The "Demo" mode allows you to surf on the selected template demo to view all pages. Click to switch to "Edit" mode which will allow you to customize your iPhone application with your contents.




You must first add your icon (minimum size required 1024x1024px) and then the name of your application (maximum 15 characters) 


  • Logo




  • Application Name


Click then on your application's icon to go to the application layout part


You have to insert your loading image. It is displayed when the user opens and starts the application.

We must add two loading pictures suited for Android mobile screens.


After adding your images, you can go to your layout where you can :







- Select the color of your application (1)


- Add one ore more languages (2)


- Add your logo (3)



- Organize your slideshow (4)



- Organize your menu (5)



BUILDING YOUR MENU is an important part as you will decide which contents will appear on your application.

Add a menu title (1) first, then select your content (2), and finally choose an icon (3) :


- Control the contents you want to publish or not on your application (6)

On the left of your screen, next to the DEMO/EDIT mode, you will find LAYOUT/CONTENTS button, Click on Contents to see the list of all your contents together.


After completing the home page of your application, click on the menu of your choice to go to the second step of designing, where you can set up : 


- Your navigation bar (text or image) (1)


- Your booking system (2)

You can see then how your layout looks like (menu, logo, etc) by surfing on your application.



The name, icon and the loaded image of your application will no longer be editable once your application submitted. Remember to check these 3 elements before activate your application.



The next step concerns the setting of your application. You must fill : 

- The name of your application (the name of your business) (1)

- The key words that will get your application on the store (100 characters separated by a comma) (2)

- The description of your business. We advise you to give a few lines about the presentation of your business and to explain the features of this application and what it brings to the user. (3)

Finally, you must specify the countries where you want that your application be available. You can select all countries (4) or select only one country (5)

Click on next to go the activation step.



In this last step, we ask you your activation code that you received in your inbox.

Enter the code and click on "activate".

Congratulations ! your application is activated !

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