2.6 Add a booking engine to my website or mobile app

Our websites and applications offer the complete integration of some booking engines like Availpro, Reservit, Roomcloud or Novaresa.

To add your booking engine, go first to the main menu and then to "applications"


If you already have designed your website, just click on EDIT, just under your website URL in the right column (If you have not created an application yet, just  click on "start" and follow the tutorial "CREATE AN APPLICATION").


You will arrive then on the Customization Part to create the layout of your website.

1-If you don't have a booking engine, you can set up a booking form or Put your Phone Number.

You can do it by running your mouse over the BOOKING AREA and clicking on the small tab "BOOKING METHOD" change the fields of this form or just enter your phone number.

==> Choose TELEHONE and write your number down

It will be displayed like this : 

==>Booking form with email to receive booking inquiries directly on your email address :

It will be displayed like this :


2-If you use a booking engine proposed in the list, simply check the name of your booking engine and fill out the required fields.

==>In the case of Reservit for example, you will need to indicate your customer number Reservit.

The display type allows you either to present the results of the search engine directly in the page of your website (internal page), with a small window that opens on top of your website (pop in) or in another tab of your web browser (external page).

==>In the case of Availpro, it's your Availpro's customer number + the name of your Availpro engine that will be requested.

==>In the case of OCTORATE, you will just need your customer number :


ATTENTION : Remember to save the changes with the SAVE BUTTON at the bottom-left of your window after making your choice, and also to Save the global changes with the SAVE BUTTON at the TOP RIGHT CORNER of your screen.

Your booking engine will be immediately visible on your website.


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