2.7 Add another booking engine (excluding partners list)

Our websites and applications offer the complete integration of some booking engines like Availpro, Reservit, Roomcloud or Novaresa.

If your tool isn't in this list, no problem! Thanks to the "other booking engine," it's now possible to add other booking engines compatible with your websites & applications! Here are the steps to add the booking engine and allow users to book without leaving your website.

Go to the "Applications" on the left side of your screen withe the sliding menu :

And click on "edit" to go to the layout of your website or application. 

Place your cursor on the reservation section and click on "booking system" to add your engine.

  • Choose the "other booking engine" option.

Two display types are available: by selecting "internal page", your booking tool will appear in a page of your website. Here an example with the engine Mister Booking:

If you select "pop in", by clicking on the book button, the user will see the booking tool in a small window that will open above your site.



After selecting the type of display, you will have to paste the code for displaying the booking tool. To do this, use the following code by replacing the link by yours.

<iframe src="WWW.MON-MOTEUR-DE-RESERVATION" width="100%" height="100%">

Where to find the link of my booking engine ?

It is just the url that appears in the navigation bar when customers try to book at your business.

Remember to save the window of your booking engine after making your choice + SAVE AGAIN on the top-right corner of your screen.

Your booking engine will be immediately visible on your site

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