3.6. Add a widget

A widget is a tool to broadcast contents from a website to another website. The information is going to be published on the second website simultaneously. For example, we use it often to share contents from a Facebook page on a main website.

So widgets allow you to add features such as weather forecast, customers reviews, or social networks news...

You can therefore add many different features to make your website even more attractive.

Step 1  :

Start by looking for the widgets you want to add. You need to go on the website you need the widget from. So if you need a widget from TripAdvisor for instance, you have to go on the TripAdvisor website to get the code for the widget for your business.

Below, you will find an example of a weather widget (we used the website

Choose a type of widget. Here we chose Widget N° 1. We need to customize it first :

Select the settings you want to display on your website (eg : the name of your city and CP to display the accurate weather), and then 'Generate code'.

Copy this code, then go to Step 2, to learn where to paste it.


Step 2 :

In this step, we are going to explain how to insert or paste the code generated previously for the widget.

In the sliding menu on the left of your screen, go to 'Applications', and select the website you want to change. Click on 'modify/change' just under it.


Step 3 :

Once on the layout page, go all the way down to the bottom of the page. You will find the 'References' block.

Just drag your mouse on the blank space, above 'legal mentions' and while you slide your mouse, a red tab with the name 'references' will appear.

Click on it, to see the 'references' box.

Step 4 :

Now that you have the references box, you can either add images or widgets.

If you choose 'Images', you can insert a clickable logo or a simple image. It is often used to insert partners or references logos.
If you choose a widget, you can paste your generated code just here. So if we follow the example of the weather widget, you have to paste the code in the 'HTML code' field.

And then remember to save ! 

If your website is already online, you need to SAVE again the changes, with the 'SAVE' button on the top-right corner of your screen on the layout page.


Step 5 : 

You can find another example with this TripAdvisor widget below :

You need to go to, and then to enter the name of your business.

You will have different widget's options  :

 Choose the type of widgets you need to insert :


The code for the widget had been generated on the tripAdvisor website, as above. You can now paste it on the 'HTML code' in the references box on your layout page :


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