3.9. Add one or multiple languages to your website/applications

Step 1 : Choose the right language when you create your contents 

You can state your applications in multiple languages, however, you must first create contents in the language of your choice.

For that, go in your first tab "content" and add your content as you did for the English version. Click "add" and in the first field, select the language of your content.

You can now fill in your content in the selected language.

Careful : Be aware that once you chose a language, you can't change it. You will have to create everything again from the beginning.


Step 2 :

You need then to change your applications (website, iphone and android applications...). So just click on 'Application' on the sliding menu on the left of your screen.

Then, go to the "EDIT" button just under the name of your website on the right column.

Step 3 :

Once on the layout of your site, you can see the line with the choice of colors, and on the far left, the two first letters of your main language (FR for FRENCH or EN for ENGLISH). The double letters mean your website is published in this language.

And just next to it, if you click the + you can select a new language of your choice.

Step 4 :

Your applications can be set out into six other languages.


Once you have chosen a new language, you can make your layout again as you did for the first language (menus, carousel, content to highlight ). You can edit it depending on the language and the targeted country. The vocabulary associated with the theme is automatically translated (reception, booking , services, means of payment ...)

Remember to save your changes with the top-right corner button.

You can manage all your other applications the same way (mobile website, mobile applications).


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