1.11. Add prices for your rooms

To add a table with FARES to your room :

For visitors to have a better understanding and a quick look, you can introduce your prices in a table as in the example below:

Step 1 : Go to your contents

Log in to your account and go to the menu "Contents". After, click on the content "Rooms" (which is on the left of your screen) to add prices for the rooms of your business. 


Step 2 : Field "Prices"

Once you have created a room content, you can add it prices. To do that, simple go in the "description" part. When you ended to fill all the informations requested (category, description, view, service, etc.), you will find at the bottom of your screen a part "Prices". 


Step 3 : Add a period

When you arrive in your field "Prices", you will have to add a period by clicking on the red button "Add a period".

The goal is to define the periods when your prices change (for example: high season, low season or summer, winter) and for each period, you can enter the price of your room.

A window will appear and you will have to fill the following fields : 

- The order (the rank in which you want to see appearing the different periods)

- The title (name of this period )

- The period's date

Don't forget to click on the button "Always valid" if this period is still available. 


Step 4 : Validate your period

When these informations are completed, don't forget to click on the button "Display" to publish your period on the Web site. 

If this period doesn't exist next year, simple click again on the button "Display" to un-publish it. 


Step 5 : Add a price

Now that your period has been created, you can notice the new PINK BUTTON "ADD A  PRICE". By clicking on it, you can add your first price depending on the period. Simple fill the request fields (rank, type of price, comments, price etc.). 


Don't forget to save your informations by clicking on the red button "Save".

When you saved your different prices, you can modify them by clicking on the names.


When you go then to APPLICATION to see the layout of your web site, the table of fares will appear as below:


Step 6 : The same period can have several prices

You can add several prices list for the same period (child rate, adult, senior, half board, full board, week, weekend, etc.).

If you want to join different prices to the same period, simply click an other time on the button "Add a price" which is along the same line that the relevant period.

Once your prices published, they will appear in a tabular form on your Web site near the contents where you indicated prices. 

By making a menu "Price" on your Web site, you can make appear on the same page all your prices. 





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